What I do…

I’m often asked just what I do…after saying that I was a classroom teacher and now I help train fellow Teachers. Simply, I’m Nerdy Educator #6 in a group of six very talented former classroom teachers who make up the small but innovative group called the Office of Instructional Technology for Memphis City Schools. I have to say we spend quite a bit of time, even after over 10 years of doing what we do in the district, explaining that we are not the people who come out and “fix your computer.” I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir for most of my readers. Our team has tried to gain a name change but that’s a long boring story for another time. Basically, my role in the group is to manage, create, direct, edit, produce all video based professional development that goes out to our teachers, staff, students and community steak holders in the Memphis area and globally via the web. For the past five year’s our small group OIT- has been streaming rich media educational content out to educators internally and externally. I’m proud to say we’ve won two international awards for our work and have yielded a huge return on investment for our district (knock on wood). I’m also proud to say that we were the group that streamed out President Obama’s awesome commencement speech for Booker T. Washington High School here in Memphis- we streamed it to all our schools as well as to those family members serving overseas!


But, that’s just part of what I do- the rest deals with pushing the envelope for integration of educational technologies into our classrooms and motivating teachers to use the hardware/software/web 2.x and allow the students to grow and flex their tech savviness in the classrooms! We put on this area’s largest Educational Technology Conference, the Midsouth Technology Conference as well as putting together a super cool student Technology Camp- GotTech and a Teacher version of the camp for those savvy Educators wanting just a bit more! In brief- that’s what I do when I’m not attending meetings and answering questions online via email. 🙂

It Begins here…

Well, here it is…again, my official refreshed edublog! I created this to share my thoughts and ideas to fellow educators and students as well as to support the site itself. Please feel free to make any comments about what you see, would like to see or just throw out some greetings!

Be sure to click on the tabs at the top of the page to check out the various elements I’m continually adding in as I become “wowed” by new web based technologies out there.

Keep checking back…I’ll try to update it as often as I can.