Tired of asking that really tech savvy teacher down the hall questions about how to integrate technology into the classroom? Well do I have the solution for you. Check out our Video-PD link for Memphis City Schools Educational Technology’s Department- no need to get a password or log-in just click on the topic and sit back and learn! Let us know what you think, but just remember…we’re just teachers- no high tech special effects were involved in the filming of these vids.


(click on the tv set!)

SmartBoard Savvy? Want to be? My friend/colleague Cindy Putnam has some great stuff-follow this link (click the image)


Podcasting since 2006…check us out! (click on the pic)


Stop Using that Globe from 1975! Get into the new Globe- Google Earth!

Google Earth

Need a Place to Hang Out thats Full of Stars? VIP seats are waiting for you, you STAR Educator you….


Picasa! – This is the best “Free” digital photo organizing, and editing application on the Internet.


Thanks to my friend and “nerdy” colleague Cindy, here’s a really cool web based photo editor/organizer called “PicniK!”


(click the pic to go to Picnik)


Need More Cool Links?

Here’s a great classroom tool for our group of visual learners and creative thinkers! I’m liking this more each time I use it or show it off to teachers! It really shows off what web based applications can do in our Media Rich society, very cool.



(click on the “Kerpoof” logo to get there fast)



iMovie 6 HD Tutorials: Need some official Apple iMovie HD tutorials? Here they are…


Go Hawaii- One of the places I’ve yet to visit, but want to go…soon!


LOVE this place! I keep going and I can’t stop…

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